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   (Method is developed by myself.Please donot use it without permission)

    Step 1:


Individual centers collections are taken from indiafm.


Reason: Only indiafm puts up the collections from individual centers and that also on Saturday.


Step 2:


Centers are grouped together on basis of collections of comparing movie. Six groups are made to segregate the centers:

a)      > 1cr  b) 50-100 Lakh c) 25-50 Lakh d) 10-25 Lakh e) 1-10 Lakh f) < 1 lLakh


Reason:80% difference in  center falling in b (range 50-100 lakh) is not same as 80% difference in centers  falls in f (<1 lakh).So grouping them separately addresses that.


Step 3:



Total is estimated for each group apart from  group A.


Reason: Group A is excluded because hardly a chance is there that any center making collection over 1 crore remains unreported. If by chance it remains remaining method cover it.


In details this step is explained latter.


Step 4:


Total of each groups calculated from the step 3 and group A are summed up together to give estimation.



Step 3 In details:


a)      The main step is here to calculate or estimating group total for comparing movie. In other word the net collection is also have to segregate in groups.

1)      Total Collection of comparing movie is taken from I am calling it as full total for better understanding.

2)      Total of all groups for comparing movie is calculated.

3)      Grand total of these totals is calculated. This gives the Total for reported centers which are the part of methodology. I am calling it as reporting total from now on.

4)      Difference in full total and reporting total gives the total for unreported centers. I am calling it as Unreported Total.

5)       Group totals divided by the reporting total gives the proportion of each group. calling it reporting proportion.

6)       Unreported total is divided in two parts. One part is assigned to three groups (b,c,d) and other half is assigned to two remaining groups(e,f).


Reason: why so? because the chance of remaining unreported is high for lower collection centers than the higher collection centers.

7)      Proportion with which each part is assigned to groups is also calculated using Reporting proportion. Calling this as Unreported proportion.

8)      Reporting total * Reporting proportion + Unreported total * Unreported proportion gives group total or segregate the Net of comparing movie in group totals.

b)      Statistical Average for the difference in collections for individual centers is calculated for each group apart from group A.

c)      Multiplying sub step a and b gives group total for movie in question.






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  1. ohmygod permalink
    July 23,09 1:39 am

    are you guyz insane??? who even gives a tiny rat’s ass about how many crores did the film earn….people go to the watch the movies and then all they care about is the film’s quality… [b]not about what its box office prospects are or by how much would it fall in week too…big centres/ small centres/ 33 crores/45 crores…[/b]
    get a life!!!

  2. rudresh permalink*
    July 23,09 11:24 am

    No OMG, we r not crazy. BO is also a parameter that tells us ” how much a movie is liked by the public in genral”. It also tells that whether one has to go to watch movie or not. It also makes SRK — The King Khan and Hrithik- Only super star of Decade.
    BO is like a heart beat for film industry.

  3. ohmygod permalink
    July 23,09 12:42 pm

    rudresh-“It also tells that whether one has to go to watch movie or not”- do you really believe this statement??
    I mean most of abhay deol’s movies weren’t successful n all but almost all of ’em were entertaining and certainly did not fall under the category of “one should not go to watch the movie”

    similarly had that been the case abhishek bachchan’s career would have been over long time back with that string of flops…..also SRK and akshay kumar’s HIT career doesnt stop them from doing crap movies like OSO and kambakhht ishq…so box office can never be the reason people would want to go to watch movies….

    every movie is unique and should only be judged/compared afte it has been viewed by a viewer..

    besides how does it matter if a flop movie is being popularised as a hit or vice-versa…how does it matter to you or anybody else…let that be the producer’s worry…its not your money at why all this effort and blah….i mean fighting over what movie made how much and was it this many crores or more or less…i mean why?

    and to sum it up…how does it matter if some people believe srk is the topmost star or some blve akshay is or aamir or hrithik…I can easily say irrfan khan is topmost star of this industry and would have my reasons for it..but at the end of the day its the movie which everyone is looking forward to…what good it would be if a film has topmost stars but crappy script and worst direction….when someone comes out of the cinema after watching a film his/her first words are achhi film thi OR bekaar thi OR in abt the quality or appeal of the film..its NOT about how many crores for the first week and how much fall in week too..duh…even if he/she says film HIT simply represents his/her appreciation of the quality of the film…

    I hope my post doesnt sound repulsive or anything…it simply states my views..

  4. rudresh permalink*
    July 23,09 1:26 pm

    abhay deol movies earn less but still they are successful (cost is not high) and movies are not for mass but to a niche segment. Keeping this in mind movies of Abhay deol are successful.
    If there had not been BO, Abhishek whose career some how kepp going would had been declared as the successor of Amitabh legacy by few peoples and may be by media also.
    BO does not excites many and may be to you it does not, but that does not deminish its importance.
    If some one is just happy to know hit hai ya flop….. its ok for him… But if some one wanna know more…… then thats not bad……

  5. ohmygod permalink
    July 23,09 4:50 pm

    I guess you totally missed the point….or may be all this is just another way for some people out there to pass their time…maybe it gives them something to talk about!!

  6. Doga permalink
    August 2,09 7:30 am

    OMG, so arent you just doing timepass here, lol

  7. lokeysh permalink
    October 4,09 3:44 pm

    Good and logical approach but while comparing performance of movies what about –
    Time value of money?
    Actual cost of movie?
    Variable cost of satellite rights?

  8. rudresh permalink*
    October 4,09 4:22 pm

    here i am estimating the collection so all these does not require.
    A Movie that has earn 40 crore, has earn the same money whether thats in 2001 or 2009. Gadar has earned 70 crore in 2001 so its 70 crore whther those 70 crores are much higher in term of value than 70 crore earn by movie in 2009.
    Cost and setallite rights etc used to describe final status of movie whether its hit or flop or blockbuster. Gadar at 70 crore is all time blockbuster where as singh is king is just a hit.

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