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Box office: Week 17-10-09

October 17,09

This Friday witnessed three releases at box office: Blue, All the Best and Mr. and Mrs. Khanna. Blue had opened to fabulous response all over India. However reviews are not encouraging and its fortune at box office will be clear in next week.

Last week release acid factory was unsatisfactory on box office. Movie just managed to acquire three Cr in first week.

Do knot disturb had fallen badly in second week. Second week billing of movie was 4.5 Cr.

Wanted has sustained very well. In fourth week, movie was able to collect 3.5 Cr and takes it’s totally tally to 60.5 Cr.

The real winner at box office in previous week was Sid. Wake up Sid had sustained remarkably well. Ranbeer Kapoor’s movie fell by about 40% in second week and collected 9 Cr. Movie’s two week collections are now 24.5 Cr.

Movie Week Estimation (Cr) Range (Cr) Total (Cr) Verdict
Wake Up Sid 2 9.03 8.7-9.3 24-25 ……
Do Knot Disturb 2 4.63 4.4-4.8 18.5-19.5 ……
Wanted 4 3.50 3.4-3.8 60-61 Hit
Acid Factory 1 3.20 3-3.5 3-3.5 ……

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