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Box Office: Week 04-07-09

July 4,09

After a worse phase, which lasted for more than quarter a year, Bollywood finally got its moment for cheers. New York had a nice first week billing at box office. Movie had collected around 28 Cr Nett  in India. John, Neil and Katrina starring New York had an excellent weekend and sustained remarkable well over weekdays.

This Friday also saw release of Kambakkhat Ishq   with an extra ordinary opening, best so far in year 2009.How the film sustains after that will be clear in coming Saturday.

Movie Week Estimation (Cr) Range (Cr) Total (Cr) Verdict
New York 1 27.96 27.5-28.5 27.5-28.5 Good First Week

First Week Esttimation of New York :

Comparison with Luck By Chance First Week:

Groups Limits
Group A > 1 Crore
Group B 50-100 Lakh
Group C 25 -50 Lakh
Group D 10-25 Lakh
Group E 1-10 Lakh
Group F < 1 Lakh
Comparing Movie First Week LBC
Full Total 11.95
Each Group’s Reported Collections for Comparing movie
Group A 31,256,378.00
Group B 0.00
Group C 0.00
Group D 0.00
Group E 8,619,472.00
Group F 181,263.00
Total of Reported Collections 40,057,113.00
Unreported Collections 79,442,887.00
Dividing Unreported Collections among Groups
Proportion of Group’s Reported Collections
Group A 0.78
Group B 0.00
Group C 0.00
Group D 0.00
Group E 0.22
Group F 0.00
Unreported Collections Proportion Calculation
Group A 0.00
Group B 0.00
Group C 0.00
Group D 0.18
Group E 0.77
Group F 0.05
Group’s Estimated Total Collections ( Comparing Movie)
Group A 3.13
Group B 0.82
Group C 0.00
Group D 1.37
Group E 6.16
Group F 0.47
Total 11.95
1st Week Estimated Collections of Newyork
Group A 6.63
Group B 1.75
Group C  
Group D 3.31
Group E 14.89
Group F 1.39
Total 27.96

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