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Box Office: 18-04-09

April 18,09

Multiplex issue had benefited the previous releases to some extent. Both Ek and Aa Dekhein Zara had fall about 40% in previous week.

Tasveer on the other hand had fallen badly in 2nd week after disastrous first week. Movie had collected about 3 Cr in second week to take the total to about 12 Cr in two weeks. This is  back to back disaster for Akshay Kumar after CCTC.

Ek had collected 40 Lakhs in 3rd week where as new release Ek Se Bure Do has collected 50 Lakhs in First Week.

Movie Week Estimation Range Total Verdict
ESBD 1 0.55 Cr 0.5 -0.6 Cr 0.5 -0.6 Cr Flop
Tasveer 2 2.9 Cr 2.70-3.10 Cr 11.75-12.25 Cr Disaster
Ek 3 0.44 Cr 0.4-0.5Cr 5.4-6.0 Cr Flop
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