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Box Office: Week 04-04-09

April 5,09

Aa Dekhein Zara… Kisme Kitna hai Dum…. .
It would have been great if any movie would have bit of Dum. This week releases were also bombed on box office. Neither the Ek had any power nor did Aa Dekhein Zara have any collections to show at Box Office. Ek collected around 4 Cr in first week.

Aaloo Chat falls in second week and collected around 1.4 Cr. Two week tally for movie is around 5Cr.
(ADZ has not been estimated as the numbers of reported centers are very less)

Movie Week Estimation Range Total Verdict
Ek 1 4.0 Cr 3.75-4.25 Cr 3.75-4.25 Cr Flop
Aaloo Chat 2 1.4 Cr 1.3-1.5 Cr 4.7-5.0 Cr Flop
Dev D 8 0.17 Cr 0.15-0.20 Cr 15.0-15.3 Cr Hit

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