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House Full First Week Collections

May 15,10

House full first week collections are about 5% more than first week collections of My Name is Khan in India. House full had collected 46.5-47.5 Cr in week One.

In group A centers (having collections above 1 Crore), House full had performed much better than MNIK in Mumbai region  and it gave her slight edge over MNIK, even though latter had performed better in other regions.

Collections from Centers of group B and C (Collections over than 25 Lacs) are almost similar both movies.

It is centers of group D, E and F (Collections less than 25 Lacs) which gave actual edge to House full over MNIK. In majority of centers of almost all regions, House full had collected more.  In average collections were 25% more.

Comparison with MNIK

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Paa Second week Estimated Collections

December 22,09

Paa dropped  in second week after having good second weekend in selected cinemas. Drop was more prominent in north region, where as movie sustained better in Maharashtra.

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Rocket Singh First Week Estimated Collections

December 22,09

Rocket Singh has dismal performance in first week. Film has not performed up to mark at any center, despite having average to good reviews.

First Week estimated collections of Rocket Singh-Salesman of year are :

Group A
City Rocket APKGK RSM/AP
Thane 6,712,715.00 18,673,393.00 0.36
Hyderabad 4,364,912.00 11,495,690.00 0.38
Calcutta 7,617,855.00 16,060,131.00 0.47
Bombay 25,750,084.00 52,790,305.00 0.49
Delhi 22,350,553.00 44,616,000.00 0.50

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Paa First Week Estimated Collections

December 19,09

Paa had poor start but it picked up fantastically during weekend. Thereafter, collections dropped again.

First week’s estimated collections of Paa, comparing it with first week estimated collections of Azab Prem:

Group A
City Paa APKGK Paa/AP
Banglore 2,132,000.00 15,674,885.00 0.14
Hyderabad 1,583,500.00 11,495,690.00 0.14
Jaipur 2,100,987.00 10,522,900.00 0.20
Delhi 17,143,900.00 44,616,000.00 0.38
Ahmedabad 6,256,000.00 15,728,110.00 0.40
Pune 9,271,000.00 18,802,467.00 0.49
Calcutta 9,152,600.00 16,060,131.00 0.57
Thane 10,874,742.00 18,673,393.00 0.58
Bombay 33,189,019.00 52,790,305.00 0.63

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De Dana Dan 1st Week Estimation

December 12,09

De Dana Dann had performed well in small centers as compare to big cities. After good weekend, movie had average weekdays.

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Kurbaan First Week Estimation

December 3,09

Kurbaan has performed badly in first week.  Here is first week estimation for Kurbaan by comparing its collections with first week collections of Azab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani.

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Azab Prem KI Gazab Kahani Week One Estimation

November 29,09

Azab Prem ki Gazab kahani has collected around 39 Cr in first week. Movie has performed remarkably well in all regions.

Here is comparison of first week of APKGK with Rab Ne bana Di jodi’s First week collections.

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